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Attorney Aishah McCoy: Lawyer, Boxer, Mom

Child custody cases are emotional and overwhelming. The unfortunate truth of these cases is that a disagreement between parents has an impact on their children. It creates turmoil and turbulence when they need peace the most. 

Often, this happens because both parents fight to protect their children from the conflict. However, children understand more than we think they do. That’s why it’s in your best interest to bring these disputes to a quick, successful close. 

With an Austin child custody lawyer from The Law Office of Aishah McCoy, you have an advocate committed to reaching the best resolution for you and your child. Our dogged determination helps us investigate the facts to build a strong foundation for your claim. We aggressively protect your rights as a parent. 

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    Texas Child Custody Laws: Who Gets Primary Custody?

    Under Texas family law, there are many factors that the court considers in a custody hearing or trial. To determine conservatorship or custody matters, the court evaluates parenting plans according to these and other factors. 

    • The status quo of childcare arrangements
    • Substance abuse issues
    • Which parent is the primary caregiver
    • History of visitation 
    • Each parent’s behavioral history
    • Domestic violence or criminal history
    • Mental health issues
    • Each parent’s work schedule and employment situation
    • The child or children’s performance in school
    • Developmental issues 
    • Each parent’s living situation

    In every case, the court determines conservatorship and visitation according to the best interest of the child. With an experienced Austin child custody lawyer on your side, you have a legal team working to establish a balanced, strong parenting plan. 

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    I have known Aishah for over 6 years. As a legal professional, she demonstrates a high level of expertise and a genuine concern for her clients. Aishah makes it her top priority to listen to her clients, understand their priorities, and deliver the results that are most beneficial to them. Any client would benefit greatly from her genuine care for people and expert knowledge of the law.

    – Kasey

    Why Work With Our Firm

    With You Every Step of the Way

    Like every family, every case is unique. As you can see above, there are many factors that the courts consider when they evaluate a parenting plan. At our family law firm, we commit ourselves to the best interests of our clients. 

    With personalized attention and dogged determination, we establish, negotiate, and enforce a parenting plan that works for you. We stay with you every step of the way to help you build a better future for your family.

    Custody matters we handle:

    • Parenting Plans
    • Modifications
    • Visitation Orders
    • Mediation
    • Parental Rights
    • Child Support

    The Types of Custody

    One of the most important steps in a parenting plan is establishing a custody arrangement both parents agree to follow. In Texas, there are two options for conservatorship. 

    Sole Custody

    When a parent has sole managing conservatorship, that parent is responsible for major decisions concerning the child. Typically, sole custody comes into play when one parent behaves in a way that threatens the well-being of the child. Common examples include neglect, abuse, and substance issues, among other reasons.

    When a court determines sole custody is necessary, the managing parent often has exclusive rights to decisions regarding the child. The other parent may have supervised or restricted rights to visitation.

    Joint Custody

    Joint custody, or joint managing conservatorship, means both parents share duties, rights, and physical custody of the child. Any parenting plan that isn’t explicitly sole custody generally falls under this umbrella. Under this plan, physical custody takes many forms, including week-on/week-off, standard possession orders, expanded possession order, 50/50, 3/2/2, and other options.

    Joint custody takes many forms in terms of rights and duties, including by agreement, tie-breaker structures, and exclusive rights. Typically, the parent with physical custody on weekdays is the primary caregiver, while the other parent has visitation and pays child support.

    Contact an Austin Child Custody Attorney

    At our Austin family law firm, we often encourage the resolution of disputes through mediation. However, we are always ready to file aggressive litigation. Our goal is to attain the best possible outcome for you and your family. 

    Our legal team remains dedicated to your interests and is here to help you navigate complex, emotional legal matters. Whether you need help with custody, support, visitation, or other matters, we strive to provide peace of mind. 

    For compassionate, tenacious representation, contact an Austin child custody lawyer from our firm today. Call (214) 507-0892 or fill out the form on our page to book your consultation now.

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