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Austin Contested Divorce Attorney

The divorce process is rarely simple or easy. That’s why you need an Austin contested divorce attorney who knows how to fight aggressively for your best interests.

Contentious Divorce Cases

Navigate Divorce With Professional Guidance

A divorce is difficult for everyone involved. Moreover, they rarely come to an amicable resolution. Child custody, dividing assets, and allocating debts all involve sensitive topics no one wants to address. 

Unfortunately, a contested divorce often involves intense mediation sessions and legal battles to reach a resolution. Both spouses fight with determination to protect their own best interests. Additionally, there’s a lot of room for the personal disagreements that lead to the divorce to grow and fester.

These are one of the largest barriers to a successful split. At The Law Office of Aishah McCoy, we know that the process involves extensive legal negotiations and settlement sessions. That’s why it is essential for you to have aggressive legal representation to fight for your best interests and your future. 

Our Austin contested divorce attorney fights to settle divorces efficiently and effectively to save you the hassle. As your advocate, our goal is to protect your best interests and ensure an equitable division of assets. 

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    How to Settle a Contested Divorce

    A contested divorce takes a toll on both spouses. Often, there’s a sense of betrayal or a feeling that someone has been wronged. These feelings spur on a desire to “win” the divorce, one way of expressing their anger. 

    Unfortunately, this mentality tends to result in extensive, expensive divorce proceedings. It’s unfortunate because the best way to settle a divorce is through constructive dialogue. However, there some concessions one party may refuse to provide. 

    Still, there are many ways to resolve a dispute between couples prior to litigation. Our Austin contested divorce attorney can help you explore your options and find the best solution for your situation.

    • Arbitration
    • Counseling
    • Consultations with family 
    • Litigation
    • Mediation
    • Settlement negotiations

    At The Law Office of Aishah McCoy, we employ numerous methods to settle divorce cases. Every situation is unique, and we are prepared to handle yours accordingly.

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    Going through a divorce stinks for everyone but with Aishah on your side you know that you have someone fighting for you and supporting you every step along the way. She and her team were very communicative and responsive. If you need a divorce attorney Aishah is the best.

    – Tan

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    With You Every Step of the Way

    Divorce is a sensitive matter that requires gentle handling as well as aggressive, proactive representation. Every case and every family is unique. That’s why we personalize our approach according to the details of your case. 

    Anyone pursuing a divorce in Austin needs experienced legal representation from a practiced Austin contested divorce attorney. The legal team at our family law firm has the experience and knowledge to help you resolve your case and protect your best interests. We are with you every step of the way.

    Building Your Case:

    • Investigation 
    • Gathering financial evidence
    • Prioritizing the best interests of the children
    • Developing a custody plan
    • Mediation & negotiation 
    • Representation in divorce court

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    If you are facing a contentious divorce, you need an advocate on your side. At The Law Office of Aishah McCoy, we provide experienced legal representation. Our goal is to protect your best interests, your future, and your family. 

    As your Austin contested divorce attorney, we understand how difficult this process is on everyone involved. We devote ourselves to finding an amicable solution while protecting your interests. Call our firm today at (214) 507-0892 to see how we can help you.

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