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Austin Property Division Lawyer

When it comes to protecting your assets and interests, you need more than just any Austin property division lawyer. You need an advocate who fights with determination and empathy. That's where The Law Office of Aishah McCoy steps in.

Dividing Marital Property in Austin, TX

In Texas, the conclusion of a marriage does not equate to an automatic half-and-half split of properties, assets, and debts. The law in the Lone Star state mandates a fair and balanced distribution of assets post-marriage. 

Numerous elements, such as the classification of assets into community or separate property, the total value of assets, among other factors, have a significant impact on the final resolution of property division in a divorce. 

Cases involving high-value assets introduce further complexity due to the intricate nature and configuration of such assets, which can present challenges in their assessment and division processes.

Comprehensive Strategy from Experienced Attorneys

Our Austin property division lawyers provide a comprehensive, strategic approach to asset division. With a deep understanding of Texas law, we meticulously analyze your assets, consider all factors and intricacies, and formulate a strategy tailored to your unique situation. Our goal is to secure a fair, equitable outcome that protects your financial future.

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    What Assets Are Subject to Division in Divorce?

    When it comes to divorce, the division of assets is usually one of the most critical aspects. The following types of assets are generally subject to division:

    • Marital or Community Property: This includes all property that has been acquired during the marriage, regardless of whose name is on the title. Examples are the family home, cars, furniture, savings, investments, retirement accounts, and business interests.
    • Jointly Owned Debt: This refers to any liabilities or debts incurred during the marriage, such as mortgages, credit card debt, student loans, or medical debt.
    • Income and Benefits: All forms of earnings and benefits obtained during the marriage, such as salaries, bonuses, pensions, 401(k) contributions, health insurance benefits, social security benefits, and even frequent flyer miles, are subject to division.
    • Appreciation of Separate Property: If separate property, i.e., property owned by one spouse before the marriage or acquired as a gift or inheritance, increases in value during the marriage, that appreciation may be considered marital property and subject to division.

    Remember, the specifics of property division can vary based on state laws and individual circumstances, and it’s always recommended to consult with a qualified divorce attorney for advice tailored to your situation. In Texas, the law requires a “just and right” division. This means the division must be equitable but not necessarily equal. 

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    Going through a divorce stinks for everyone but with Aishah on your side you know that you have someone fighting for you and supporting you every step along the way. She and her team were very communicative and responsive. If you need a divorce attorney Aishah is the best.

    – Tan

    Why Work With Our Firm

    With You Every Step of the Way

    Choosing our legal team means entrusting your case to an experienced Austin property division lawyer. We blend unyielding determination with empathetic understanding. We bring a nuanced understanding of property laws, a proven track record, and a comprehensive strategy tailored to your situation. 

    Our firm prides itself on advocating for our clients’ rights and prioritizing their financial security. In a complex and emotional process like asset division, let us provide the steady, reliable support you need. Choose us, and experience the difference compassion coupled with resilience can make.

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    Protect Your Rights As You Divide Your Assets

    During the course of a marriage, assets acquired by spouses become shared property. In the event of a separation or divorce, property division becomes a complex and emotional task. But rest assured, you have rights that need to be protected. This is where our expertise as your Austin property division lawyer comes in.

    Understanding Community Property

    In Texas, we operate under the community property rule. This means that you jointly own any asset, whether it be property, savings, or debts incurred during the marriage. But the division of these assets is not always as straightforward as a 50-50 split. Certain factors like each spouse’s income and health, custody of children, and the length of the marriage can influence the division.

    Equitable Division With Our Assistance

    At The Law Office of Aishah McCoy, we don’t just aim for a ‘fair’ division – we aim for an equitable one. We’ll meticulously analyze your financial assets, properties, retirement accounts, businesses, and debts to negotiate the best outcome for you. Our commitment to you is to ensure your financial future is secured in the fairest possible way.

    Handling High-Value Assets

    High-value assets like properties, businesses, retirement accounts, and investment portfolios require a sophisticated approach. We have the experience to handle complex and high-stakes situations, assuring your assets are accurately valued and equitably divided.

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    Take the first step in protecting your assets. Contact the top Austin property division lawyer at The Law Office of Aishah McCoy today. Let us fight for you with the determination you deserve and the empathy you need.

    Ready to take action? Reach out to The Law Office of Aishah McCoy today. Let us be your steadfast advocate in property division. Call us now at (214) 507-0892 or fill out our online form to schedule a consultation.

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