Collaborative Divorce & Co-Parenting

Undoubtedly, divorce is one of the most difficult experiences for many people.  Unwinding years of being together with one person is incredibly emotional.  What makes it even more complicated is finding a way to navigate down this path when there are minor children involved.  Many of my family law clients struggle to meet in the middle when it comes to raising their children in separate households.  I had mentioned in my previous post that marriage is the ability to come together over and over again.  Yet, in the wake of a separation, coming together for the children may seem like drowning under the force of a tidal wave.  Bearing smiles for the kids is rough when the heart is breaking.  Yet the Collaborative Divorce provides the necessary tools to carve out a navigable pathway and lends so much support.  It can make the co-parenting journey easier for the family. 

The Collaborative Divorce Process sets the state for a positive post-divorce relationship, allows a healthy means of communication between the parties, and aids in developing a detailed parenting plan.  The process sheds some illuminating clarity and guidance in a very nurturing way.  The attorneys representing the parties are working in concert to have the best outcome for their clients.  The sessions also involve other Collaborative Law experts from other disciplines, working together as neutral professionals to create sustainable solutions for the families.  The involvement of the mental health professional is key.  Their role is to gently guide the team through the process while keeping in mind the values, emotions, and interests of the parties.  The team is goal-oriented which also helps set the stage for a positive co-parenting relationship.  Together, the team and parties can customize visitation schedules and other arrangements that suit the unique needs of their family.  Furthermore, it fosters healthy communication between parents.  The parents can, in turn, openly discuss and explore different solutions that may have not been afforded to them if they were to go through the traditional route of litigation. 

In all, the Collaborative Divorce Process can definitely make co-parenting with an ex-spouse much easier.  It also gives the parents a strong sense of empowerment, knowing that they can still function beautifully together as a family and make decisions that only they know they can make.  It only takes the skill and guidance of a goal-oriented team to help these families create lasting solutions and happier, healthier lives. 

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