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Uncontested Divorce Retainer Calculator

This helpful resource allows you to determine your fee before you remit payment to start the dissolution process.

Calculate Your Retainer Fee

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Signature Divorce: What best describes your case?
*One deed will be included at this price.
**Standard or Expanded Visitation and Access as defined by the TX Family Code only.
*** If retirement accounts are being divided we do not handle QDROs; we will refer you to a firm that handles it for a flat fee per QDRO.
****The parties must provide a complete list of debts/liabilities (including account numbers) and how they are to be divided.
Additional Fees Not Included in the Prices Listed Above
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Other Uncontested Family Law Matters
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Communication and consultations constitute additional fees outside of the initial retainer. By submitting the payment, you acknowledge that additional costs may be billed for at a later date.
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